This section covers some of our frequently asked questions relating in particular to Service Charges, Accounts, Credit Control and Property transfer. 

If you are unable to find the information that you are looking for, please contact your Concierge or Building / Estate Manager.


What does my service charge cover?

The service charge is an estimate of the likley shared costs for running a particular building or development. Common items would include cleaning of the common parts, lift maintenance, concierge salaries etc etc. Each year an annual service charge budget is set, which is circulated to every lessee and provides a breakdown of the service charges. If you have not received this or mislaid it please either contact your Building / Estate Manager or log in to your account via this website, to access the information specific to your building.

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Why is my service charge higher / lower than expected?

Each year the service charge budgets are set for each building based on expected expenditure to cover everything from lift maintenance to window cleaning to the concierge etc. As with all budgets, actual expenditure will vary and as such once the accounts are audited the deficit or credit is applied to each lessee's account as appropriate.


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Can I pay my service charge by credit or debit card?

Yes, we accept service charge payments via our secure website. This can be set up via your personal account, please log in to the residents page via this website. Please note that whilst we are able to process debit card transactions without additonal charge, unfortunately credit card transactions attract an additional transaction fee of 2.0%.

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When are service charges collected?

Service charges are demanded in accordance with the terms of your lease, usually on either a quarterly or six monthly basis, in advance.

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I have a query with my service charge account.

In the first instance please direct any queries on your account to our customer service team on 020 3626 7565. If they are not able to help directly they will liaise with our accounts team to ensure your query is fully answered.


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Is VAT chargable on the service charge accounts?

VAT is payable as normal for services received via the service charge. This includes all contracts with VAT registered companies, inlcuding our own management fee. VAT is not chargable items such as some site staff salaries or Insurance. VAT is included within your service charge account so is not added as an additional line item.

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When will last year's accounts be ready?

We aim to have draft accounts ready within 4 months of the year end. They are then audited by an external firm of auditors. We will circulate the audited accounts as soon as we receive the signed off copies back from the auditors.

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Where can I access historical audited accounts.

The last three years audited accounts should be available via your personal log on in your building website, available via this website. If you require any accounts not published here please contact your Building Manager directly.

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What happens if I don't pay my service charge?

If payment is not received within the allotted time lessees are sent a reminder and interest on the outstanding money begins to accrue. If payment is still not received our credit controller will endeavor to get in touch with the lessees via all of the contact details that we hold. If payment remains outstanding we pass the debt over to a debt collector or a solicitor and fees then become payable on top of the original payment and the accrued interest, all in accordance with the lease for the property.

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I am selling my apartment, to what extent do I need to liaise with you?

You will need to provide your Building / Estate Manager's details to the buyer's solicitor who will contact us to supply the information that they require regarding the service charge account, building insurance, any major works etc. Regarding the actual move, you will need to advise your building manager of details regarding your move out well in advance so the necessary arrangements can be made in terms of access for the removals vehicle and use of the lift. Similarly the building manager will need to be advised of the buyer's move in arrangements.

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I have a large delivery / removal due

Please book this in with your concierge as soon as you know, so that the necessary access arrangements can be made.


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I would like to carry out some works to my apartment, what do I need to do?

In the first instance contact your Building Manager to talk through what you intend to do. Extensive works will require Landlord approval and will require a Licence for Alterations. The Landlord may require approval from architects and engineers, which will generate a fee, on top of the fee for the Licence for Alteration.

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What happens if I do not inform the Building Manager of my alterations?

You may be required to reinstate the apartment back to its original state. Other than requiring approval by the Landlord, alterations may require Building Control sign off to ensure that the alterations do not affect the integrity of the building in terms of fire and health and safety regulations.

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Apartment sales are unlikely to proceed without a valid Licence for Alterations to accompany any alterations.

If alterations are carried out without a Licence it may be possible to grant a Licence retrospectively, with any necessary alterations carried out where necessary.

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