PL Management

PL Management

Founded in 2001, PL Management has grown to be a significant force in the management of large residential and mixed use developments, across London. Together with Harrods Estates Asset Management we provide property management services to developers, landlords and resident management companies.

PL Management was originally founded to serve a particular niche on a luxury residential development. However, demand for this service has grown and PL Management now manages schemes across London and ranging from the luxurious and boutique, to large mixed use regeneration projects.

Our aim is to deliver a first class service to developers, landlords, resident management companies and of course to residents; from conception, to handover, to after care and management.

In 2006 the business was transferred to Harrods Estates Ltd to sit along side Harrods Estates Asset Management. Then in 2009 all Harrods Estates Asset Management business was transferred to PL Management, with PL Management being granted a trade mark licence agreement from Harrods Estates Ltd to trade as Harrods Estates Asset Management.

PL Management is therefore a wholly owned subsidiary of Harrods Estates Ltd and part of the Harrods Group of companies.

Richard Stephenson was a founding director of PL Management as well as starting Harrods Estates Asset Management, giving over 10 years continuity of leadership for the business in property management.