What We Provide for Our Fee

  • Produce annual anticipated service charge estimates to calculate service charges and reserves.
  • Produce and circulate service charges accounts and supply information to leaseholder/tenants and residents’ associations.
  • Administer buildings and other insurances.
  • Engage and supervise staff such as concierges/porters and cleaners.
  • Manage maintenance contracts on services like lifts, fire equipment and pumps.
  • Regularly inspect property to check condition and deal with routine repairs to buildings, plants, fixtures and fittings.
  • Look after all general enquiries from leaseholders/tenants.
  • Keep records on leases and other matters.
  • Keep landlords informed of changes in legal requirements and check compliance with lease terms.
  • Advise on management policy. 
  • Administer bank accounts held in trust for the leaseholders.
  • Pay contractors and suppliers.
  • Administer the funds and provide information to auditors.
  • Produce annual accounts and arrange for auditing and other statutory requirements.
  • Advising on rating, planning improvement and other grants, insurance claims and valuations.
  • Preparing replacement cost assessments for insurance purposes.
  • Considering applications for alterations.
  • Advising on assignments of lease, subletting and change of use.
  • Preparing agreements and checking inventories.
  • Employing and working with other advisors.
  • Advising on and arranging assured and shorthold tenancies.
  • Dealing with solicitors about sales of apartments/houses.
We are often asked to provide information and confirmations relating to the sale or remortgage of an apartment in developments which we manage. To facilitiate this requirement we are able to provide a standard information pack, which we find deals with the standard questions asked.
The cost for this pack is:
  • £250 + VAT = £300 for the standard service
  • £350 + VAT = £420 for the express service
If further information is requested we do reserve the right to make a further charge based on our estimate of the time taken to deal with the request.