Harrods is opened by Charles Henry Harrod with humble beginnings as an East End grocer and tea merchant.
Harrods Estates is founded as ‘The House and Estate Agency’, a subsidiary company of Harrods Limited.
Harrods Estates Asset Management Limited, a residential property management service, is founded alongside PL Management under the direction of Richard Stephenson.  At first, this is to address the management of the property portfolio of Harrods Limited, before expanding to include external appointments.
Ownership of PL Management Limited transferred to Harrods Estates Limited. PL Management therefore becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Harrods Estates Limited and part of the Harrods Group of companies.
All Harrods Estates Asset Management business is transferred to PL Management, with PL Management being granted a trade mark licence agreement from Harrods Estates Limited to trade as Harrods Estates Asset Management.  
Harrods Estates Asset Management and PL Management move their offices to Hammersmith.